Switch Cropped

Recent tidbits of information had already given us the impression that Nintendo has had a successful week at retail - the new Pokémon games were reportedly the fourth most purchased item on Black Friday and the Switch was the best-selling console on Cyber Monday - but now we have further confirmation in the form of particularly impressive milestones reached by the company.

Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch became the best-selling console in US history for the five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, even surpassing sales of the ridiculously-popular Wii console which dominated the retail space around a decade ago. On top of that, the large number of sales also means that the Switch has just experienced its best ever week on sale in the US, too.

According to Nintendo’s internal sales figures, US shoppers spent more than $250 million on Nintendo products during the period, proving Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime's recent comments about the importance of the holiday season to be very true indeed. That figure accounts for sales of Switch, 3DS, the NES and SNES Classic editions, and games and accessories.

Interestingly, despite the Switch's second year seeming slightly less extravagant in terms of new games and exciting developments than its first, total hardware sales in the region saw an increase of 45% during the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday period of 2018 compared to the same dates in 2017. We expect that Switch console sales have seen a significant bump over the last week, and it'll be particularly interesting to see updated unit sales in a couple of months' time; perhaps Nintendo could close in on its 20 million financial year target after all?

Did you, or someone you know, pick up any Nintendo-related goodies during the sales? Do you think this success will continue throughout the holiday period? Let us know with a comment.