For better or worse, the release of Dragon: Marked for Death by the talented team at Inti Creates has been delayed until 31st January 2019 in both North America and Europe. The eShop title was originally due out next month on 13th December and has now been pushed back to launch around the same time as the physical version, which is being published by Nighthawk Interactive. There's no mention about when exactly the hard copy of the game will arrive, but the aim is for it to be made available as close to the eShop release as possible.

The digital version will be sold in two separate packs priced at $14.99 each. The first is the 'Frontline Fighters Pack' containing the Empress and Warrior characters - friendlier to beginners with DPS and tank type heroes. The second one is the 'Advanced Attackers Pack' including the Shinobi and Witch - with more technical attacks and higher skill ceilings. Players can select either pack and then download the second pack as DLC if they choose to buy the game digitally. The physical edition will contain both packs, so there's no need decide which one you would prefer.

Alongside the delay was the release of a new animated trailer. Take a look below:

As previously noted, Dragon: Marked for Death is a side-scrolling action-RPG where players team up with three other people to take on 30 quests. There are four classes in total along with a story fueled by revenge. Inti Creates is previously responsible for games on the Switch eShop such as Blaster Master Zero and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.

Are you glad or disappointed to hear this game has been delayed until early next year? Are you more or less likely to pick it up now? Tell us below.