Hollow Knight

Earlier this month, we reported on the sad confirmation that Hollow Knight would no longer be receiving a physical edition. While physical collectors and fans of the game were no doubt upset to see the version cancelled, a new bundle has now appeared which is possibly even more alluring.

Yes, Best Buy is now offering a 'Hollow Knight Plush Toy and Game' bundle online, simultaneously putting us at ease and making us squeal with delight. There's no physical game inside - instead you are given a digital code to redeem directly from the eShop - but you do get an adorable plush of The Knight itself. You can see it for yourself in the images below.

If you want one, you can find the bundle right here for $34.99 (remember, that's for a copy of the game and the plush toy). You might not get that lovely physical box you wanted, but you do get the chance to cuddle up to the game's cute, little protagonist - a Vessel born in the Abyss who slices up innocent creatures with an old nail and feeds from the souls of its enemies. Hang on a sec...

Will you be buying your own Hollow Knight plush bundle? Does this make up for the lack of a physical edition? Let us know in the comments.

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