Hollow Knight

Given the success of Hollow Knight on the Switch eShop, it made sense for its developer Team Cherry to consider a physical edition in order to continue sales momentum. To make this happen, the talented people behind the title partnered with Skybound Games - a division of Skybound Entertainment - to make this happen.

The announcement was originally made in Variety way back in August, and at the time, the game was planned to be released in Spring 2019. In the latest update, Skybound Games has issued a tweet out of the blue, revealing it is "saddened" to no longer be bringing Hollow Knight to multiple platforms. Here it is in full:

Team Cherry followed up this tweet with its very own blog post explaining exactly why it wouldn't be going ahead with this release and also mentioned how it would continue to investigate other ways to make a physical version of Hollow Knight a reality:

We’re regretfully announcing the cancellation of physical copies of Hollow Knight and our partnership with Skybound Games.

As a team of 3 people still in intensive production of Hollow Knight, taking the game into the retail space (even with the extensive assistance of Skybound) proved more work than we could reasonably manage.

In future we will investigate other ways to deliver physical versions of Hollow Knight, though likely that will be in smaller quantities.

We’d like to thank Skybound for the amazing opportunity they provided, and for their professionalism and enthusiasm the whole way.

Are you disappointed to hear Skybound won't be releasing a physical version of Hollow Knight? Did you download a digital copy of this game? Tell us below.

[source twitter.com, via teamcherry.com.au]