WarioWare Gold on the 3DS is arguably the definitive Warioware collection with the inclusion of the best 300 microgames covering every title in the series from the original 2003 Game Boy Advance release to the slightly more recent 2013 Wii U game.

As fantastic as the new microgame collection is, there are probably plenty of people out there thinking it's a quick cash grab on Wario's behalf - with Nintendo simply adding the best existing minigames to the new title and then releasing it. In an email interview with Kotaku, WarioWare Gold Director Goro Abe revealed how grueling the process actually was. It turns out it's a lot more than just a remaster - with a lot of effort going into it:

We basically redrew the art for all the microgames and reprogrammed them from scratch...A lot of the games that look unchanged at first glance actually have a lot of changes upon comparison.

Prior to this stage of development, Abe's team had to select from more than 1,100 microgames and decide which ones would make the cut for Gold's release on the 3DS. To do this, he surveyed staff to find out which ones they liked the most and then ranked each microgame based on a series of questions:

I surveyed the staff to determine which games from these titles we should polish. Then, I ranked all of the microgames according to elements like which ones are appreciated by the staff through the survey, which ones have rules that are easy to understand, and which ones don’t feel old when played now.

Are you surprised to hear so much work went into modernising all of these classic microgames for the 3DS? Have you played the new game in the series? Do you like the microgames that are on offer? Tell us below.

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