The first entries into Sega's AGES range on Nintendo Switch have finally arrived, with plenty more games still lined up to follow suit, but there's one question still hanging in the air. That question revolves around Dreamcast games and, in particular, whether or not the Switch will receive any games from the long-discontinued machine's library.

Way back in April, we first heard that Dreamcast games would indeed be heading to the Sega AGES lineup, but things have been slightly less clear ever since. A recent poll asked fans for their most desired Sega AGES games, with Dreamcast title Jet Set Radio topping the list, but AGES producer Kagasei Shimomura said that this doesn't necessarily mean that it will actually happen.

Now, though, Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu has shared an interview with M2 president Naoki Horii and Sega AGES supervisor Yosuke Okunari which actually took place just after those very poll results were shared at Tokyo Game Show. Their wording still appears to be rather vague, but all signs are pointing towards the fact that Sega is leaning towards an emulation-based approach, favouring the versatility of straight emulation over using the original source code to port games over.

Horii explains that creating ports from the source code is "completely different" to emulating software, with emulation increasing the number of titles that would be possible on Switch (thanks, NintendoEverything):

M2 president Naoki Horii: "At the time, it seemed likely that we’d be able to emulate Dreamcast software on the Nintendo Switch. Depending on whether you’re emulating software or remaking the source code entirely, porting something is completely different. I think SEGA chose some of the titles based on that – no doubt emulation increased the number of titles they were able to choose from."

It also appears that this could result in different final gaming experiences, with possibilities opening up for titles to be either released in their original states, or expanded with added features.

Supervisor Yosuke Okunari: "I think that this time the results of the survey influenced that as well. I haven’t really come to a conclusion yet, but I wonder if it’d be better to release more titles from the list in a manner similar to the Virtual Console (in their original state) or to hand-pick a select few with added features (like the Grantnoff boss in the 3DS version of Thunder Blade)…"

Essentially, the answers still don't provide us with any concrete information on how Dreamcast games will arrive on Switch, but the idea is clearly being discussed and thought about by the powers that be. It would be a shame if Jet Set Radio doesn't arrive on the console, considering fans were allowed to suggest specific titles, but perhaps it will now appear in some form? We'll have to wait and see.

Would you like to see Dreamcast games arrive on Switch? Does it bother you if the games are emulated, rather than ported using the source code from the originals? Let us know with a comment below.

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