Jet Set Radio IMG1

If you recall the poll Sega ran prior to this year's Tokyo Game Show asking fans what games they wanted to see adapted to the AGES line, you'll no doubt remember the Jet Set Radio series topped the list. This technically covered the original game released on the Dreamcast in 2000 and also the sequel arriving on Microsoft's Xbox in 2002.

Sega AGES producer Kagasei Shimomura has now said just because the Dreamcast release topped the list, doesn't mean it will necessarily get ported. In saying this, he still wishes to fulfill fan expectations. M2 President Naoki Horii reiterated Shimomura's point by saying how he would try his best to make Dreamcast ports happen. Japanese publication Famitsu suggested the main reason the Jet Set Radio series topped the list in the first place is because Hideki Naganuma - the composer of the games - asked the fanbase to nominate it.

Would you be interested in seeing Jet Set Radio added to the Sega AGES line? What other game series would you like to see adapted? Have you tried out any of the existing releases? Tell us below.