Gaining ground

Last week, Sega caused quite a stir when it announced it would be bringing a series of classic titles to Switch under the "AGES" banner.

The first three confirmed titles are Sonic, Thunder Force IV and Phantasy Star. However, it hasn't taken long for Sega to reveal two more games in the range: Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Gain Ground.

Alex Kidd was Sega's mascot before Sonic turned up, and each title he starred in was slightly different from the last (with the exception of Enchanted Castle on the Mega Drive). Miracle World - which began life as a Dragon Ball game - is generally regarded as his best outing, and was pre-loaded on many Master System consoles back in the day.


Gain Ground is a unique vertical shooter which takes place within a war game simulation, and you assume the role of various warriors from all stages of human history. The arcade original was quite unique at the time, and thankfully it's that version that we're getting as part of the Sega AGES line - and not the decidedly-average-in-comparison Mega Drive port.


Sega's classic line-up seems to be shaping up nicely, but there's more - during the announcement it was also revealed that Saturn and Dreamcast games would be part of the AGES line:

What classic Sega games would you like to see from the libraries of these two machines? Virtua Fighter 2? Sega Rally? Panzer Dragoon Saga? Shining Force III? Skies of Arcadia? Sonic Adventure? Sound off in the comments to tell us.