Ever wondered what 200 Goombas stacked on top of each other looks like? Well, wonder no more! As reported by Kotaku, "video game developer and dissector" Skelux has stacked this exact amount of Goombas in the Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey. As can be seen in the video above, the results are terrifyingly wobbly. The same rules still apply - with Mario being able to take control of the tower thanks to the help of Cappy. The tower is so tall, in fact, that it doesn't even fit on the screen.

As noted in the video, the Switch and game can handle no more than 200 Goombas at a time, even in a hacked state. Any more than this and the system crashes. It is clear it's struggling to process all those Goombas on-screen at once. Arguably the best moment is around the 1:40 mark when Mario performs the most "satisfying" ground pound ever.

Has this got you in the mood to stack or perhaps even ground pound some Goombas? Are you still enjoying Super Mario Odyssey? Tell us in the comments.

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