Guitarist Rosalina

After a good, solid week and a half of Bowsette internet shenanigans, it seems that Nintendo fans have found something new to obsess over. Introducing Guitarist Rosalina.

The origins of this one come from a Super Mario Odyssey concept art book - the very same one which revealed Nintendo's own, official take on Bowsette before she was cool, in fact - with Reddit user Biguru-Chizubaga sharing the image on the site. It soon gained an awful lot of attention from other site users, and has since followed in Bowsette's footsteps by receiving almost scary amounts of fan art online.

Of course, while this new revelation has opened up the floodgates for more and more art like those above (which is thankfully much more safe for work than the previous trend), it also asks the question of why this concept art was invented in the first place. Was Rosalina originally going to be a rock star? Was she just about to go through an emo phase? Perhaps we'll never know, but we'd love to see this version of Rosalina appear in a future game.

Are you a fan of Guitarist Rosalina? Would you rather this trend of being obsessed with a new Nintendo character just stop altogether? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.