The retro side-scrolling platformer MagiCat, which initially launched on Steam last summer, is headed to the Nintendo Switch. You won't have long to wait to get your paws on it, either, as the game actually launches today for $4.99.

This one takes players on a quest to retrieve a stolen artefact, exploring the "astounding magical worlds of the MagiCat universe" along the way. Using the powers of dashing, a high jump, and a fireball technique, along with items that can be unlocked as the story progresses, you must help MagiCat regain the world’s lost treasure.

MagiCat offers over 63 levels, each with their own unique boss battle spread across seven different worlds. With new mechanics introduced every few levels, and a hefty dose of puzzle solving, the game aims to keep you thoroughly entertained throughout. Here's a list of game features and a lovely selection of screenshots for you to enjoy:

- Handcrafted retro experience ranged from the colorful pixelated art, nostalgic music, and classic platformer gameplay mixed with modern elements.
- World map with many secrets to explore.
- 63 levels each with their own unique boss battle spread across 7 worlds.
- Gorgeous level design with a learning curve that will satisfy those that love to face challenges.
- Various unlockable skills and color schemes for the main character.

Will you be giving this one a cheeky download today? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.