If you've treated yourself to your very own Nintendo Labo kit, you'll no doubt be aware that each box comes with its own wonderfully detailed instruction guide, telling you exactly which pieces of cardboard go where and how to put everything together. Naturally, though, the whole concept of Labo is centred around being creative, and some people have been finding ways to use things other than the included cardboard for their own enjoyment.

One such person is LEGO designer Vimal Patel, who has uploaded a video to YouTube demonstrating some of his Labo-based creations. The video showcases LEGO versions of multiple Toy-Con from the Variety Kit, with much sturdier-looking plastic piano keys, a mechanical fishing rod, and even the motorbike handlebars. He's even made his own vertical mode controller setup for the console.

Of course, this is all possible thanks to Labo's use of reflective tape. This tape is perhaps the most essential part of the package - with the right Joy-Con's IR camera using it to understand specific shapes or distances. While the cardboard acts as a perfectly great casing for the tape, while simultaneously being fun to build and rather cute in its own way, any other materials could theoretically be used to replace it as long as they can do the same basic things.

Patel's take on the Labo motorbike
Patel's take on the Labo motorbike (Image: Vimal Patel)
Replacing the Labo piano's keys with plastic LEGO
Replacing the Labo piano's keys with plastic LEGO (Image: Vimal Patel)

Have you made any impressive creations with Nintendo Labo? Do you still play around with its imaginative set of tools? Let us know below.

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