If you're a fan of Kirby - or just food, actually - then this wonderful gallery of images will no doubt be of interest to you. A Kirby Cafe is set to open its doors later this month in Japan, and its official website has now shared the full menu in picture form. Sit back, scroll through, and try not to salivate too much.

Marvellous Mains

First up, we have the main meals. Ranging from burgers to rice, to a bread stew, there's sure to be something that takes your fancy.

Something Sweet

Of course, no cafe would be complete without something sweet for an after-dinner delight. When you've finished your main meal, why not treat yourself to one of these items?

This temporary pop-up cafe is located at the Skytree Town in Tokyo, opening on 27th September until 17th February 2019. You can check out the full website here for more information - or reserve your spot if you'll be in Tokyo during this time. It reminds us of the recently-opened Pokémon Cafe - also in Tokyo - which you can see for yourself here and here. We'd love for these kinds of restaurants to appear in the west, but we'll just have to stare at these images for now.

Would you visit the Kirby Cafe if you could? Are you perhaps going to be in Japan in between those two dates? Let us know below.