If you're a regular Nintendo eShop visitor, you'll no doubt be aware that countless demos litter the Switch's digital store's pages offering a free taste of a healthy selection of games. These demos act as a way for players to understand what the game is about and, essentially, whether or not they want to part ways with their hard-earned cash for the full course. It seems that Amazon UK has other ideas, however.

In a bizarre twist, the mega online retailer has several Switch demos listed on the site as download codes, all being sold for a penny each. Yes, that's right, the free demos that are easily accessible directly from the Switch itself are being sold by Amazon for actual, spendable money.

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Don't believe us? You can see the products for yourself. There's one for the Octopath Traveler Prologue demo, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Sushi Striker, sitting there all smug as they rake in their tiny profits.

Naturally, the product reviews are 100% negative, with multiple users informing others that these demos can be found for free on the eShop, with a couple going as far as to call the practice a "scam". It certainly is an odd one - the images on the listings even call it a "free demo", so why on Earth is Amazon charging any money for them?

We'll let you ponder this one over in the comments.

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