Ah, Wario. Whether you know him from his debut back in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, as a playable party-goer in the Mario Party series, or as a larger-than-life racer in Mario Kart, Wario has become a very familiar face in the Nintendo world. Of course, the pink-nosed antagonist also has his own series of games known as WarioWare, with the most recent entry - WarioWare Gold - releasing just a handful of weeks ago.

To celebrate all things Wario, Daniel Ibbertson (Slope's Game Room) has shared a new video exploring the complete history of the WarioWare series, taking us right from its humble beginnings to the present day. Featuring lots of gameplay footage and information on the various games in the franchise, the video takes a deep look into what makes the series so addictive, well designed, and enjoyable.

If you're interested, get yourself some grub or a nice drink, plonk yourself down somewhere comfortable, and give it a watch below.

Are you a fan of the WarioWare series? Have you played many WarioWare titles yourself? Let us know down below.

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