Despite being one of the first third-party games to be confirmed for the console, the promised Switch version of Steep has been subject to an unfortunate amount of doubt over the last year or so. Now, it seems that the game has been well and truly cancelled.

Replying to a Twitter user who asked for any news on the Switch port supposedly in the works, the official Steep account responded with news that they likely didn't want to hear.

As you can see, Ubisoft has shifted its efforts towards making the Live Seasons in the game as strong as it can be - a feature that is naturally present in the already existing PS4 and Xbox One versions. In October last year, the game's director Arnaud Ragot reaffirmed Ubisoft's commitment to the cause, although we weren't entirely convinced that the project would make it even then. Sadly, it appears we were right to be dubious.

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