If you've ever found yourself thinking that the Switch's dock isn't quite portable enough for you, this third-party alternative may well solve your problems.

The new innoAura Nintendo Switch USB-C Multiport Adapter aims to stand as a replacement for your official dock, getting rid of the need for the slightly bulky bit of plastic by making use of a simple cable and dongle. We've seen dozens of dock alternatives in the past - although not usually in dongle form - but this one stands out thanks to its additional ports.

You see, this dongle features the standard Type C charging port which connects to your Switch, an HDMI converter, two USB 3.0 ports to replace those found on the official dock, A PD charger port, and even an ethernet port, allowing you to forgo the need for an additional Hori ethernet adapter. It's small and easier to carry around, but can technically still do more than Nintendo's official dock. It can even be used with a handful of other devices, too.


Earlier in the year, we heard several stories of third-party docks 'bricking' Switch consoles after the system's 5.0 update. Naturally, we'd therefore urge you to be careful when using third-party accessories, ensuring that you've checked user reviews and understand the risks involved. This dongle is currently being sold on Amazon in the US (for $36.99), and the few user reviews available are very positive.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of using this dongle instead of your dock? Is your dock already portable enough for your needs? Let us know below.

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