If you're using a third-party dock with your Switch then you might want to revert back to the official option for the foreseeable future, as we're seeing numerous reports that said docks are "bricking" consoles after the recent 5.0 system update.

A wide range of dock options are available on the market, many of which are smaller and more portable than the one you get with the Switch itself. Unsurprisingly, many Switch owners have picked these up to use either as a second dock elsewhere in the house, or as a portable option for when they visit friends or relatives.

YouTuber Spawn Wave posted this video after his Switch died, and cited the Nyko dock as the cause of the fault. Nyko has since offered to replace the console, which seems to suggest some degree of culpability in this case.

We've had people get in touch via email who have had a similar experience, including reader invictus4000:

There have been reports going around that ever since the 5.0 OS update, third party Switch docks have been bricking systems, specifically the Nyko brand portable docks. Well, I can confirm this is true. This happened to me today. I have the above mentioned Nyko dock and while luckily, it didn't brick the system, it did make the console stop recognizing being docked in any dock, even my official one. Called Ninty, walked through the steps for diagnosis and because my launch unit was out of warranty, they had me ship it to them today for a fix for $115. You might wanna get a PSA warning out there.

This isn't the first time Nyko's dock has been - ahem - in the dock over damaging Switch consoles. Last year it was reported that the product was "killing" the Switch's charging port, but the company said it had addressed the problem in production.

Have you had a similar experience? Are you using a third-party dock at the moment? Has this news dented your trust in it? Let us know with a comment.