Climbing to the highest peaks of Mount Everest, taking the first footsteps on the Moon, beating every canon Legend of Zelda game to 100% completion - there are many great challenges a person can take on in this life, and we know which one we'd rather pick.

SuperMCGamer, a very dedicated Zelda fan and organiser of the Zeldathon charity events, decided to take on this personal challenge last July. Since then, he's been putting in time whenever possible - around the usual, boring life commitments - and finally reached the finish line just a few days ago. The year-long journey accumulated to 484 hours of playtime, and the entire thing was even captured on a Twitch livestream.

To answer questions on the challenge, and to provide some extra details, SuperMCGamer took to Reddit to host an 'Ask Me Anything' (or 'AMA'). In this AMA, he reveals that his only requirement was that the games had to be canon and single-player, therefore ruling out Four Swords on GBA and Hyrule Warriors, but still encompassing an impressive 18 games. The '100%' part of the challenge really did mean 100%; all of the Koroks in Breath of the Wild had to be found, all of the ship parts in Phantom Hourglass, and every Drablands Challenge in Tri Force HeroesWow.

The only noteworthy exception to this rule, which SuperMCGamer describes as "potentially controversial", is the challenge of surviving for 999.99 seconds in the Cucco Rush mini-game in A Link Between Worlds - a task which he deems to be near impossible by most, even with extreme pause buffering strategies. You can take a look at all of his challenge requirements and completion times with this handy checklist.

As for the most fun game to complete? He said, "absolutely, without a doubt, Breath of the Wild". We'll leave you with this:

Would you ever take on such a challenge? Would you have the patience to sit through each and every Korok hunt? Let us know down below.