LEGO has collaborated with a number of franchises over the years and even adapted themes to video games thanks to the help of Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Still, after all this time, we’ve not yet seen a partnership between Nintendo and the famous brick-building company. About the closest we’ve got is a couple of Easter eggs in the LEGO City: Undercover game.

With this in mind, a LEGO builder by the name of Daniel Church has taken matters into his own hands, crafting his very own Mario-themed creation. It’s the Odyssey from the one and only Switch title, Super Mario Odyssey.

What’s impressive about this build are the number of curves on display and the general roundness of the design. Classic LEGO builds are commonly associated with much sharper angles, so this is quite a feat. A custom Mario mini-figure (and Cappy) was also created.

As can be seen in the photos above, the creator documented the building and planning process over a three month period and eventually entered the final design at Brickworld Chicago, where it was nominated for Best Airship. The designer himself, who specialises in airship creation, previously made his own version of the Fortnite Battle Bus.


Do you collect or build LEGO creations? Are you a fan of the LEGO games? Would you like to see Nintendo and LEGO one day collaborate and release an official set? Tell us in the comments.