Might No 9

It’s fairly evident the handheld versions of Mighty No. 9 are stuck in video game development hell. Comcept has not provided an update on these iterations of the game since 2017 - essentially leaving backers in the dark.

Following up from its investigation earlier this week, Destructoid has since explained how port specialist Abstraction Games was originally tasked to develop the handheld versions of the title - including the 3DS release - before being passed onto Engine Software.

The CEO of Abstraction Games, Ralph Egas, was able to provide the following statement, elaborating on the exchanges with Comcept:

We had a deal in place that partially involved royalties. A deal we've had to agree to in a very short amount of time due to the Kickstarter campaign requirements and the handheld platform version being a stretch goal, etc. At that time I thought this was a great opportunity, but risky. We weren’t involved with Engine Software ourselves, although we have been engaging with them in the past on other projects, just not on this particular project directly.

Egas said how Comcept failed to properly communicate and there was:

no intermediate builds and no source code until three or four months before they [Comcept] suddenly wanted to launch

This left Abstraction Games with no choice but to abandon the project due to the short time frame, with the developer admitting there was “zero progress” made because there was no build available:

business-wise, this was the only logical outcome lest we risk going under

Engine Software took over at this point, with the last mention of its involvement with the project in March 2017. The game is reportedly no longer listed on the development part of the Engine Software website.  

This insight - courtesy of the Abstraction Games CEO - at least illustrates how dysfunctional the development cycle was, with Comcept seemingly unable to live up to its Kickstarter requirements. 

Do you think Mighty No. 9 will ever be released on handhelds? Would you still be interested in a 3DS version? Tell us below.

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