Might No 9

Mighty No. 9 by Comcept had a rough development cycle, suffering from a series of delays and then a bumpy launch filled with performance problems and middling reviews. It's safe to say, the game didn't live up to expectations. As a result of these issues, the handheld versions appear to be stuck in limbo.

The title was originally released on multiple other platforms, including the Wii U, in 2016. It’s since been over two years with no sign of the handheld releases - leaving backers in the dark. A minor delay was suspected when Comcept was acquired by Level-5 in 2017, but there's still been no update about the portable versions of the game, including the 3DS release. 

Destructoid has reportedly been attempting to contact Comcept for the past month and has had no luck getting a response. The game’s western publisher, Deep Silver, also refused to provide a statement about the current development status of the handheld versions. An effort has now been made to contact Mighty No. 9’s Japanese publisher, Spike Chunsoft. 

Do you think Mighty No. 9 will ever be released on handhelds? Would you still be interested in a 3DS version? Tell us below.

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