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Take a moment to reflect on the Nintendo Wii generation and you’ll likely remember Wii Sports, Mario Kart Wii and perhaps even Wii Fit. One title made available early on in the system's life that didn’t get as much attention was the scuba diving game Endless Ocean. Originally released in Japan as Forever Blue in 2007, it made its way across to European shores later that year, and eventually surfaced in the US a year after.

Japanese Nintendo is now reporting Nintendo has applied for an Endless Ocean trademark in Japan for purposes related to ‘video game project’. Endless Ocean was originally developed by Arika – best known in recent times for its work on the 3D Classics line on 3DS. The title was published by Nintendo and a sequel was released later on in 2009 adding online multiplayer.

Endless Ocean Trademark.jpg

At the end of last month, Nintendo applied for a new Hogan’s Alley trademark in Japan. As mentioned then, it’s best to refrain from excitement when discussing trademarks in case it is just business as usual.

Would you like to see the return of Endless Ocean? Did you ever own or play this game or the sequel on the Wii? Tell us below.

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