Today we bring you yet another episode of 'Japan gets all the coolest stuff', as the latest batch of The Legend of Zelda merchandise hitting the region has just been revealed.

The products come from Bandai Spirits and are all included in a lottery-style setup across 7-Eleven, Ito-Yokado, and GEO stores all across the country. Customers in Japan can grab a ticket for the lottery for ¥620 (approx. £4.30 / $5.60) and receive one item from the range as a lovely prize.

The prizes include a Triforce alarm clock (which plays music from the games as your wake up call), a Divine Beast bath towel, a purple curry which is based on the Monster Curry available in Breath of the Wild, a cutlery set, some item-themed plates, hand towels, and even a shoehorn which plays the famous 'da da da da' when pulled out of its base. Phew. If that's not all, one lucky winner will walk away with a one-of-a-kind Triforce clock which is black instead of yellow.

Of course, it's unlikely that these items will ever make it over to the west in any official capacity but, if you have friends in Japan, now might be the time to start pestering them to secure your favourites.

Do you have a favourite item from those shown above? Would you be brave enough to try the Monster Curry? Let us know with a comment below.