Searching between a gas station, soccer pitch, and stunt mountain is one of the weekly challenges in Fortnite

Complete it and you'll earn XP and Battle Stars that will help boost you up the Battle Pass tiers for those sweet exclusive rewards.

In this guide, we're going to help you find the exact location of every single flaming hoop so you can complete this challenge with ease. That way you can move onto completing the other difficult challenge for this week – jumping through flaming hoops with a shopping cart or ATK.

Fortnite – Gas Station, Soccer Pitch, And Stunt Mountain Location

map (1).jpg

This challenge involves finding the location detailed in the headline: between a gas station, soccer pitch, and stunt mountain.

You'll find it just south of Pleasant Park, at the base of Stunt Mountain. It's near a thin white tree by the gas station visible from the base of the mountain.

Our map above details the exact location, and you can use our screenshot below to help narrow down your search.