Crazy Justice

Some fresh details have been shared for Crazy Justice, the latest Battle Royale title aiming to challenge Fortnite for supremacy on Switch, and they definitely sound most welcome.

The news comes from an updated FAQ list on developer Black Riddle Studio's website, in which various little nuggets of information are shared. First up is confirmation that the game will receive "Splatoon-style motion controls" - a feature that is heavily adored by a small army of Switch fans. Of course, Fortnite's motion controls have left quite a lot to be desired since they were first introduced, so this could be one area where Crazy Justice stands on top.

Elsewhere, the site says that any Switch backers from the project's Fig crowdfunding campaign will be receiving the same Founder's Pack as other versions, and that the game will take up less than 3GB of space on the system's memory.

Despite initially being scheduled for a 13th June release, the game has since been delayed and no set date has been given since. Apparently, the studio has already been hard at work on the Switch-specific launch trailer, however, and the title will be appearing in the Switch's 'Coming Soon' section "very soon". As it happens, the game will be hitting Steam Early Access on 23rd August, so it certainly seems like it's getting closer and closer to launch.

Are you interested in this one? Do you think it will be able to offer something unique to Fortnite, as the developer suggests? Let us know your thoughts below.