If you've ever wondered what Super Mario 64 might look like if it could be played in widescreen HD, running at a silky smooth 60fps, today is your lucky day.

Kaze Emanuar, who spends a lot of his time tinkering away at Super Mario 64 - including this mod project which introduces Sonic as a playable character - has been working his magic once again, this time coming up with a way to show off the game with these modern visual settings. You can see it in action for yourself in the video above.

The original game ran somewhere between 20 and 30fps, so while you might think that simply doubling the frame rate would work wonders, that actually causes more issues to be resolved. By doubling the frame rate, everything else speeds up, too, forcing Kaze to employ several tricks such as only triggering the game’s physics every other frame. 

Would you like to see Super Mario 64 be playable on Switch? Would you like a straight port or an HD remaster? Let us know with a comment below.

[source kotaku.co.uk]