WarioWare Gold Wii U

Recently, we covered some newly released trailers for the upcoming 3DS release of WarioWare Gold in Japan. Eagle-eyed Twitter user SMWikiOfficial spotted something in the main WarioWare Gold trailer which gave us a good chuckle: 

This scene is from the 'Gamer' minigame in WarioWare Gold. Fans of the original WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! on the Game Boy Advance will likely remember that 9-Volt proudly displayed a Virtual Boy in his bedroom. It seems the developers of the WarioWare Gold remake have a great sense of humour, as 9-Volt has now upgraded his Virtual Boy to a Wii U. A white 8GB model of all things!

Those books on the bottom shelf in the original have also given way to more retro gaming goodness. Now we can see a GameCube, Super Famicom and what looks like an N64 controller.

These little touches are most welcome in WarioWare Gold. Keep your eyes peeled for more things in this remake which might give you a giggle.

[source twitter.com]