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Nintendo is continually refining the Splatoon 2 competitive experience. As you’ll know, updates are pushed out on a regular basis as a result. In the latest patch, Version 3.2.1, the development team behind the title has sorted out a few issues with the Bubble Blower and also fixed a small problem in the game’s Salmon Run mode.

Take a look at the update notes below:

  • Changes to Competitive Play
  • Fixed an issue where bombs thrown from some types of Bomb Launchers would not cause damage when they directly hit a bubble from a Bubble Blower.
  • Fixed an issue where a Rainmaker shot that hits a bubble from a Bubble Blower would only do some of the intended damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Tenta Missiles fired while locked on to a Rainmaker barrier would not impact the position of the Rainmaker barrier.
  • Changes to Salmon Run
  • Fixed an issue where, when a lot of Snatchers are present, the max number of Golden Eggs on the stage goes down and new Golden Eggs do not appear.
  • Downloading this update data will make it so that you cannot communicate with players using previous update data when in The Shoal.

Splatoon 2 recently celebrated its one year anniversary with a Splatfest. Tell us in the comments if you're still enjoying the competitive and team aspects of this title a year later. 

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