Hori has unveiled three new additions to its Classic Controller for Nintendo Switch range, with Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon designs all becoming available in October.

All three controllers connect to your Switch via USB cable and feature a lightweight design to aid your comfort when playing for long periods of time. Each controller has a textured surface on the handles for more grip and you can actually reassign certain buttons such as the L/R and ZL/ZR triggers.

Of course, not being an official Pro Controller or Joy-Con pair for the Switch, features such as the gyro sensor, IR camera, acceleration sensor, HD Rumble, and NFC reader are not present - as is the case with most third-party offerings. They are a cheaper alternative to Nintendo's own controllers, however, currently scheduled to be released for ¥3,218 (approx. £22 / $29).

Do you like the look of these? Let us know if you'll consider getting one when they launch later this year.