Japanese peripheral maker Hori is creating a left-hand Joy-Con with an old-school D-pad, it has been revealed by Famitsu.

The timing is fortunate, as PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya only tweeted last week (with his tongue firmly in-cheek, of course) that he might lose motivation for developing Bayonetta 3 unless this situation got sorted out pronto. Phew!

So here we are; the demands of retro gamers across the world will finally be answered with the Hori D-pad left Joy-Con replacement, which will launch in Japan in July. It will cost 2,678 Japanese Yen, which is roughly £18 / $25.


Here are the details from the Famitsu report, via Google Translate. It sounds like the Joy-Con will lack the motion-sensing features of a typical controller, but that's not an issue as most people will be buying this for games like Ultra Street Fighter II and the upcoming Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection.

As a peripheral device for the Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch), Hori will release the L side controller dedicated to the portable mode equipped with a cross button in July 2018.

Following are quoted from manufacturer release

Mobile mode exclusive cross connector (L) for Nintendo Switch

Ideal for retro games and fighting games Nintendo Switch Mobile controller dedicated controller!

Compatible with Nintendo Switch
It is an L side controller dedicated to the Nintendo Switch's portable mode.

Mounting a cross key button - Equipped with a cross button easy to enter commands. Ideal for playing nostalgic game titles. In order to realize comfortable play in portable mode, it is possible to make accurate input in all directions while making smaller than the conventional cross button made by our company.

With this product, the following functions installed in Joy - Con (L) can not be used.
Player lamp, synchro button, SL button, SR button, HD vibration · This product is not equipped with "acceleration sensor" and "gyro sensor". During the game, "acceleration sensor" and "gyro sensor" on Joy - Con (R) side will function. 

Because this product is dedicated to the portable mode, wireless communication is not performed in "TV mode" and "table mode".

Product name: Mobile phone only mode cross (L) for Nintendo Switch
Sales price: 2,480 yen / tax included 2,678 yen Release date: scheduled to be released in July 2018 Part number: NSW-076
JAN Code: 4961818028845
Publisher: Hori Co., Ltd.

Full length × depth × height: about 37 mm × about 28 mm × about 100 mm

Mass: Approx 50 g
Connection method: rail connector connection 

- When using this product, please update the system of Nintendo Switch to the latest version and use it.

- Please use this product connected to the Nintendo Switch body.  This product is a controller that operates only in portable mode. It can not be used as a wireless controller.

- This product, Nintendo Switch body, Joy-con (R) is not included.

- This product can not be used with peripheral equipment corresponding to Joy-Con. 

- This product may differ slightly from the picture.

- Please understand that specifications and appearance of this product may be changed without notice for improvement.

This sounds like just the accessory we've been wishing for for so long. Will you be picking up one of these bad boys for your Switch in July?

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