Wired Productions has shared some more details for its upcoming futuristic racer GRIP, including a shiny new trailer which can be seen above.

Releasing in "fall 2018", GRIP will feature, among other modes that have already been explored, nineteen challenging ‘Carkour’ maps in which players are tasked with mastering a series of increasingly mind-bending stunt courses. Eighteen of these maps are point-to-point, culminating in a final, open map which houses a playground of jumps, twists and turns, and is packed full of collectables.

This mode will feature challenges suitable to all skill levels, with Easy, Normal, and Hard options available, and aims to act as the perfect getaway for those looking to concentrate on fine-tuning their timing, speed, and spatial awareness before heading back into the main campaign or multiplayer options.

If you're left wanting more of GRIP, make sure to check out the Switch announcement trailer that was shared last month for more info and juicy gameplay footage.

Are you feeling pumped for this one? Let us know if you'll be grabbing a copy of GRIP when it launches later this year in the comments.