Hoping to reach the recent racing genre heights of games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Fast RMX (and in the ongoing sadness that is a lack of F-Zero), Wired Productions' ferociously fast, futuristic arcade combat racer GRIP is headed to Switch "this fall", and we now have some juicy new details.

Designed by members of the original team behind the classic '90s arcade combat racer Rollcage, GRIP will see racers speeding their way around 19 tracks across a variety of hostile and foreign worlds. Remaining focused on the task at hand, players must be merciless in their quest to cross the finish line; you'll have 11 devastating weapons and power-ups at your disposal to take on your fierce competitors. From explosive darts, mines, and missiles to shields and turbos, these weapons will allow players to not only target other cars, but the environment surrounding them - blasting their way through structures or collapsing them onto unsuspecting opponents.

Racers will be able to pick from a roster of 15 armoured cars, some of which will be swift and agile, while others are brutish and heavily armoured. Modifying further to suit their style, players will also be able to customise each vehicle with an array of varied paint jobs, decals, wheels and more. More information about the game - including the 'Carkour' and 'Arena' modes - is set to be detailed by Wired Productions later this year.

If you need more GRIP in your life before the upcoming release, make sure to check out this video of an early build of the game running on Switch. 

Before you go, though, let us know if you're excited to see this brutal racer barge its way onto Switch later this year in the comments.