As we found out in April, Atlus would be releasing Etrian Odyssey X for 3DS in Japan on 2nd August. Billed as the final outing for the 3D portable system, the company has now revealed the series won't be ending any time soon - with the next stage in the dungeon-crawling RPG series receiving a special teaser trailer.

The director of the final Etrian Odyssey title on the 3DS, Shigeo Komori, provided the following message about the future of the series:

Etrian Odyssey X is a culmination of the Etrian Odyssey series thus far, as well as the last Etrian Odyssey game for 3DS. But of course, that means the last “for 3DS.” The last title for 3DS is nothing other than an announcement for the beginning of the next stage.

We are now moving quickly toward a completely new world for the Etrian Odyssey series that everyone has supported thus far. We are working hard to realize this passion as quickly and properly as possible, so please continue to give us your support.

As previously noted, Etrian Odyssey (known as Sekaiju no Meikyuu in Japan) started out on the Nintendo DS in 2007 and eventually moved across to the 3DS in 2012. The gameplay is designed around the concept of having two screens. 

Take a look at the brief teaser trailer above and tell us in the comments if you're a fan of this series.

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