The Switch may be Nintendo's main focus now but that doesn't mean the 3DS is on the way out - in fact, the console is continuing to get software throughout 2018.

Atlus has just confirmed that Etrian Odyssey X will launch on the Nintendo 3DS on August 2nd, with a price of ¥6,998 in Japan. It is being billed as the final outing on 3DS, and is an all-new game (don't let that Capcom-style 'X' at the end of the title fool you).

Etrian Odyssey began life on the Nintendo DS before moving to the 3DS with titles like Etrian Odyssey III and Etrian Odyssey IV, and its gameplay is built around the concept of having two screens. It will be interesting to see how Atlus will evolve the franchise beyond this final game on 3DS - or if it intends to continue the series at all now that Nintendo's dual-screen system is entering its twilight years.