Nintendo has revealed that Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps and Yo-Kai Watch Blasters: White Dog Squad will be releasing on Nintendo 3DS in the west this September.

Originally released back in 2015 in Japan - under the name Yo-Kai Watch Busters - these games have a focus on four-player co-op, with you and up to three other friends taking on towering Big Bosses, using skills and powerful Soultimate Moves along the way. While previous Yo-Kai Watch games have traditionally focused on turn-based battles, these new titles drop you into real-time skirmishes in the first ever action-RPG for the series. 

Each version of the game contains different Yo-kai, missions, and bosses, with trading between the two being encouraged to collect every last creature. You can also link save data from Yo-Kai Watch 2: Bony SpiritsYo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls or Yokai-Watch 2: Psychic Specters to get one of three special Yo-kai to take into battle.

A free update will eventually arrive for both games to add additional side stories, Yo-kai, bosses and missions, sometime after the official launch date of September 7th. Both titles are exclusive to Nintendo 3DS and have a suggested retail price of $39.99

Are you a Yo-Kai Watch fan? Have you been patiently waiting for this game to come over to the west? Let us know if you're excited for this one with a comment below.