Squat time, Snake!

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features every single fighter from the series, but not all of the characters are going to be quite how you remember them.

Aside from the obvious balancing changes and new moves, we're noticing that some fighters have received cosmetic changes, too - and not all of these alterations have gone down that well.

Take Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake, for example; the rear-end of this famous super-soldier was the stuff of legend in Smash Bros. Brawl, but footage of Ultimate suggests that he's been forgetting to do his squats lately - much to the chagrin of his voice actor, David Hayter: 

Could Hayter's complaint fix this injustice? Ultimate isn't out until the end of the year, so Snake certainly has time to beef up that posterior. Fingers crossed, eh?

[source twitter.com]