A couple of weeks ago Team Sonic Racing was officially announced - after a leak that completely ruined the surprise - promising to bring Sonic and friends to the Switch in car-racing form. The official reveal showed off a tiny tease of what the game might look like, but this new trailer is the real deal.

As you can see, this video gives us a sneak peek at the speedways, race cars and fan-favourite characters coming to Sega's latest racer. For the most part, we simply see Sonic and Shadow battling it out to be the coolest, baddest, fastest 'hog in the land, but there are also plenty of nods to other characters and the other modes like multiplayer and 'Team Racing'.

The game will launch on Nintendo Switch in digital and physical forms this winter, but will you be grabbing a copy? Let us know if you like the look of Sonic's latest racing game in the comments below.

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