Digital Foundry is at it again, this time putting the Paladins - Founder's Pack through a series of tests to find out if it's potentially the best third-party port we've seen so far on the Switch. Starting out with a review of the framerate, the analysis is quick to note how the game in docked mode runs at a smooth 60fps, with only the occasional hiccup here and there. 

As for the game's resolution, it resorts to dynamic resolution scaling (DRS), maxing out at 1600x900. In reality, though, most battles were capped closer to 1280x720, and the lowest figure recorded was 1008x567. In handheld mode, the game maintains 60fps while being limited to 720p. In truth, it can drop down to around a resolution of 672x378, with quality comparisons to a compressed YouTube video. Despite this, the folks at Digital Foundry still found it to be an impressive feat for such a game to perform so well on Nintendo's hybrid system.

There are also a number of comparisons made to Rocket League and Fortnite throughout the video, mainly due to the fact Hi-Rez Studios' game utilises the Unreal Engine. Compared to Fortnite, Paladins actually puts players on a level playing field when competing against cross-play counterparts. However, cross-play with PlayStation users remains off-limits. Overall, Digital Foundry labelled it as a "remarkable port" that runs at a stable 60fps in docked and handheld mode with only minor technical setbacks present. 

Have you tried out Paladins yet or are you waiting for the free-to-play version to arrive? Let us know in the comments.