The latest wave of My Nintendo rewards have now gone live on the European version of the site, and this collection's theme is all about celebrating "challenging" games.

There are only four games on offer this time around, all for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U, and you can check out the list below. We'd argue that Pullblox may well be the pick of the bunch and definitely worth your time if you haven't tried it already - especially considering the discount can be acquired with the easy-to-grab Platinum Points.

  • [3DS] 40% off Pullblox: 80 Platinum Points
  • [Wii U] 50% off Drill Dozer (Virtual Console GBA): 35 Gold Points
  • [Wii U / 3DS] 30% off Adventures of Lolo (Virtual Console NES): 15 Gold Points
  • [Wii U] 40% off Axelay (Virtual Console SNES): 30 Gold Points

Will you be taking advantage of any of these offers? Remember, your Gold Points can now also be spent on Nintendo Switch software directly from the eShop, and there's also a huge E3 2018 sale going on until 21st June featuring some of the biggest and best titles the Switch has to offer.

[source my.nintendo.com]