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According to the latest reports, in April of this year, the Nintendo store located in New York received a bomb threat via email. The alarming news is the threat was only discovered yesterday when the store was cleaning out its infrequently used email address. 

The message allegedly came from a disgruntled individual who was not pleased about the removal of Super Smash Bros. game kiosks from the store.

A spokesperson from the New York Police Department confirmed the employees had indeed found a threatening email, originally sent to the store during the month of April. Local police have since investigated the matter and are of the belief the person who sent the message had not taken further action. 

Over the past week, Nintendo New York held a special event where the public was able to play the latest Switch games including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and also watch multiple E3 2018 live stream events.  

Obviously, this is an isolated case and is not a reflection of the wider video game community. 

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