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After the initial Walmart leak earlier this week, followed by the official announcement including a trailer, there’s been much buzz surrounding SEGA and Sumo Digital’s new game, Team Sonic Racing. With only a limited amount of information about the title currently available, fans were eager to find out more details about it during this week's live stream on the official Sonic the Hedgehog channel.

When queried about how long Team Sonic Racing had been in development, SEGA’s social media and PR team explained they had been holding their tongues for a long time and noted the game would be playable at the SEGA booth over the duration of this year's E3.

It was also clarified the game is not a sequel to Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, with the title including "very different" mechanics. The character roster was touched on as well when the team mentioned there would be more Sonic characters in this title than previous Sumo Digital racing games, with certain ones featured that haven’t been playable in a while.

To top it off, an answer regarding why Sonic even races in a car was provided – the reason being if he’s not in a car, the race would be over before it had begun. Cars are apparently used to level the playing field. So, there you go! 

Are you excited about Team Sonic Racing? How do you feel about the fastest hedgehog driving a car? Let us know in the comments.