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The Game Boy Camera was released exactly 20 years ago to the day in PAL territories - a couple of days later than its release in North America - but one man is still using the photo-taking accessory today to absolutely incredible effect.

Bastiaan Ekeler has taken the Game Boy Camera game to the next level, 3D-printing an adaptor which allows him to use a Canon EF Lens Mount in conjunction with the tiny device. The camera screws into the back of the 3D print, and when held up by a convenient prop, the get-up looks something like this (which Ekeler describes as an "abomination").


Not content with simply taking photos of things around the home, Ekeler took the home made contraption on an adventure, quite literally aiming for the skies. The photos he managed to capture truly speak for themselves, so we'll stop rambling and let you take a look.


The man responsible for all of this has written a blog post about the technical details and his own goals for the project, so feel free to take a read here.

Before then, though, make sure to share your thoughts on the work in the comments below. We're quite frankly blown away.