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According to Eurogamer, there are a number of disgruntled Mario Tennis Aces owners. The uproar stems from the fact the game, outside of CPU tournaments, only allows users to play a streamlined version of tennis, following the same scoring, but not the fully established game, set and match rules.

Instead, it’s the best of three games wins the match. As there are no sets, it’s possible to win a match in eight points. Users have reportedly searched around, and so far have had no luck changing these settings.

In past entries in the series, players were able to adjust the game and set count to shorten or prolong a match. The absence of this option in the latest release currently has multiple players frustrated they can no longer engage in any serious mental battles on the court.

As a Reddit user explains:

It removes all the deep analysis you sort through when battle a tough opponent.

It belittles the mental warfare you and your opponent are having as you try to outplay one another.

It dispatches the adaptability of techniques you need to utilise when your opponent has figured your playstyle out.

It erases the incredible comeback victories you can have after being down 90 per cent of the match. It completely shatters the rewarding feeling of fighting tooth-and-nail for 20+ minutes to come out the victor by a tiny margin. It makes for very shallow gameplay for most matches because there isn't enough time to feel like you are developing a good strategy against your opponent.

Generally speaking, this naturally goes against what tennis is all about. Long and hard battles on the court where the stronger and smarter mind can often win. 

What do you make of all this commotion? Do you think Mario Tennis Aces, a fun take on the popular sport, should more closely resemble the real-life version of the game? Or do you think streamlined rules are a better fit for a title like this? Tell us below.