The Switch hacking community has had another major success this week thanks to a brand new program called LayeredFS, allowing them to replace in-game models and text with pretty much whatever they like.

LayeredFS is a tool that works in a similar fashion to those more commonly found on PC, giving users the opportunity to download and install various mods for themselves which can replace certain elements on screen with different imagery. Using this, players can also add new things into their favourite games, such as this mod of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim below which now has a whole bunch of cheat spells thrown in.

This allows for a certain amount of nostalgic wishful thinking, too, with one mod replacing Super Mario Odyssey's Power Moons with Shine Sprites from Super Mario Sunshine.


As always, only time will tell if Nintendo plans to swoop in on this and attempt to shut it down - it wasn't too long ago that one prominent hacker's console was banned from using online services as a result of his actions. It's probably best not to try this at home!

[source nintendosoup.com]