In today's episode of 'what crazy, awesome stuff will Nintendo fans come up with this time', we find ourselves gazing into the pages of a mock cooking magazine based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And it looks pretty authentic, too!

'HYRULE: Taste of the Wild' is an unofficial art book featuring more than 12 real life recipes written by actual chefs with illustrations made by a small team of talented artists. The magazine has 32 pages in total, with mock advertisements, interviews, and articles appearing as they might in the Zelda universe alongside the recipes themselves.


The magazine is currently being sold on Etsy, where you can get a pre-order in before the expected mid-July release date. Shipping comes from the US, though, so UK/Europe buyers might face a slightly hefty delivery charge.

We love to see fan-made takes on gaming universes here at Nintendo Life, and this one is certainly a different, interesting angle to explore. Would you like one of these casually sitting on your kitchen surface?

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