Considering how her name is in the title of one of gaming's most venerable series, Princess Zelda has had surprisingly little time in the dungeon-clearing spotlight. And that goes for Nintendo Switch super-hit Breath of the Wild, too. Well, one group of ambitious modders have decided to give her the proper heroine makeover she deserves: say hello to The Zelda Conversion.

The 20-strong team of modders has been hard at work bringing the titular character to the forefront of the series' biggest title to date. An unfinished character model - which was discovered deep in the game's code - was used as a base for her build, with the team constructing everything from new dialogue and armour to adjusting the score and adding an appropriate title screen.

One of the main fans behind the project, a modder by the name of Ainz, recently spoke to Kotaku about the project, and revealed how the team has swelled to help support what's become a huge undertaking: 

“I started looking at ways in which we could enhance the mod. Which meant giving Zelda appropriate dialogue, changing music and other tweaks to improve the game. In doing so I invited multiple people to help make this a reality and after certain members joined, left and numerous other events we’ve reached the stage where we’ve made considerable gains in the project.”

Ainz confirms the group hopes to have The Zelda Conversion ready for Wii U and CEMU emulator at a later date, although he has teased this could be sooner rather than later: “We plan on having an initial release really soon so it’s a bit of a secret.”

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