Water surprise!

Given its long and proud history, it goes without saying that Nintendo is sitting atop a mighty goldmine of IP, much of which lies dormant at the present moment in time.

One such sleeping series is Wave Race, which began life on the Game Boy back in 1992; it might not be one of the most popular franchises Nintendo has worked on, having just three entries, but its is nevertheless beloved by fans. 

Speaking to Fandom at the BAFTAs, where Nintendo scooped three awards, General Manager of EPD Shinya Takahashi - who worked on both Wave Race 64 or Wave Race: Blue Storm - was asked about the possibility of Wave Race making a return. 

He said:

You may see that game again. We have been trying to make many games and that may be one of them … I personally love Wave Race!

Back in 2016, Nintendo applied to renew the Wave Race trademark in Europe. Takahashi's comments suggest that we could see this series getting revived sooner rather than later - perhaps it will be one of Nintendo's announcements at E3? Or maybe he's talking about a re-release of Wave Race 64 or Wave Race: Blue Storm on Switch?

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[source fandom.wikia.com]