Image: bad@chaos

Labo arrived on store shelves last week (in the US and Japan, at least) and it we already know it's a hit with cats. However, it's some of the incredible things that people are doing with this product that really impresses us; we've already seen some of the best Labo creations out there, but this one takes things to a whole other level.

Twitter user BSpowerx has recreated the classic Game & Watch title Fire - originally released in 1980 - using Labo. Obviously some additional work was required here, beyond simply using the parts supplied - the shapes of the characters have been cut out of the cardboard and there's some serious Joy Con Garage programming smarts involved - but otherwise, this is a remarkably close replication of the LCD original.

We imagine we'll see many more amazing Labo creations over the coming months - Nintendo really has given the world something incredible here.