Lovely game in a box

We really liked Thimbleweed Park when we reviewed it on the Switch eShop back in September last year. This point-and-click adventure game developed by genre veterans Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick certainly delivered the goods, so it is welcome news to hear that the lovely folks over at Limited Run Games will be bringing us a physical version of the game which will be available from 30th March.

Limited Run Games will offer a $34.99 standard version and a $64.99 collector's edition that comes with exclusive "feelies" -- just like the good old days. Of course, as a Switch game, it will be region-free. Quantities will be limited and once they're gone, they're gone, so start saving your nickels, dimes, and arcade tokens!

Head over to Limited Run Games' website to find out more. Let us know if you plan to add this to your collection with a comment below.